Armani, animal cruelty survivor finds loving home

Armani was named Hansel at MCAS when he was brought in from the Napier’s Animal Sanctuary raid. Many of the animals were taken by other rescues, but Hansel was left behind & taken to MCAS. He was held there until the investigation was concluded & then available for adoption, but still nobody came for him.

Moonracer Hansel1His photo had been shared over 2600 times on Facebook, yet he still sat in the back of a kennel. Finally one of our volunteers could no longer overlook his photo & went to pick him up for foster. On his first day in foster he was given a more fitting name: Armani. Armani’s canine teeth had been filed down at some point in his life. This is sometimes done if an animal is to be used as a bait dog.

A friend gifted a session with an animal communicator to work with us to understand how to help this terribly fearful dog. Armani had potential adopters waiting from the beginning, but we wanted to make sure that he could be rehabilitated to live with other pets. After only a few weeks of fostering, the communicator told us that Armani was ready to go to his forever home to get settled. Sadly, after only a few months, Armani’s new family took him to a veterinary dental specialist who had to extract his 4 damaged canine teeth & 2 others.

Since his dental procedure his family has now reported that Armani is a changed dog & is now loving life with his 2 fur siblings. He is so special to his new family that his mom even made a book, called Armani’s Journey, to honor him & his courage.

Armani Blankie