Marty and Patti find a funny Valentine!

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follow link Valentine was rescued by Moonracer from MCAS where she had been brought in as part of a hoarding case (33 dogs in a home). She had been adopted from the shelter once and returned there when the family was losing their home.

dapoxetine buy blog Valentine is like a tiny gazelle, she would leap over the top of all my other dogs and once, when jumping, she plopped right into the pool! She didn’t know about swimming, we had to follow her in to save her. She was the little one in our house when I fostered her, but, now, she is the big dog! She has 8 doggy brothers and sisters that she loves, all smaller than she is.

Patti and Marty adopted her after Lori Gurley handed them Val’s leash at an adoption event … it was a great tactic, as Marty fell in love immediately! He now calls her Nugget and Patti calls her Snuggle Bunny. She is another example of a bully breed ambassador, her mom is proud to have a pittie!

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