Buddy, when ‘unadoptable’ isn’t really so

I adopted Buddy in November, 2013. He and his sister Sassy were at MCAS and he was to be euthanized for being “unadoptable” due to being “blind” and hating men”. Neither was true, and fortunately they were pulled by Moonracer and Buddy was fostered by Karen Burdine.

I had been without a dog for a few years after having dogs my whole life and the first time I saw Buddy’s picture I was drawn to him. I met him at an event and told Lisa I would decide in a few days, although I knew I already had.

Buddy made himself at home as soon as he walked in the door and I can’t imagine life without him now. He does have a cataract on one eye that does not affect him at all and he is the most loving, loyal, fun, all around greatest dog ever.

Carole Flanders, Moonracer Volunteer

Buddy with toys